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Air Brush Art

• Airbrush Tattoos and Airbrush T-Shirts

• Airbrush Single T-Shirts For Gifts

Everybody loves airbrush tattoos. Whether you have a group of teenagers to entertain, or adults who want to feel like teens again, airbrush tattoos are just the thing! These airbrush tats are specially designed to ‘stay on’ for up to 7 days, or if you are going somewhere formal the next day, to come off quickly and cleanly with a dab of rubbing alcohol. The kids love to get them at all night grad and prom parties, and they are especially good for picnics and company parties. Our artists have a huge selection of tattoos and can tattoo about 20 people per hour.

We also offer personalized airbrush T-shirts. If you are having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, we can have the shirts pre-printed with your child’s name and party date, and then our artists can airbrush the guests’ names and hobbies on the back of the shirts. If you want to provide your own shirts, you can purchase those and the artist will paint them for your guests. For corporate events, we can have the company logo pre-printed on the shirts and the artist will airbrush designs and art onto the back with the employee’s name and hobbies. We are also able to airbrush tote bags, canvas sneakers, ball caps, backpacks, or anything made of fabric.

Pricing for all airbrush work is $125 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. Shirts, shoes, hats, tote bags, etc., are an additional fee.




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