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Science and style are happily married in the art of photography. Great photographers have an artistic eye and are creative under pressure, as well as being skillful with the camera and understanding the properties of light. Great Photos DC incorporates creative vision and style and lends this mastery to your event photos. We capture the true essence of a subject and bring these qualities to each photograph.

As one of the top professional photographers in the Washington, DC area, Great Photos DC has developed these visual senses and skills. We capture the subtle nuance of feeling in our photographs, whether you are looking for a fashion, portrait, or event session. Artistic and talented but flexible and relaxed, shooting in a broad range of styles, we have photographed weddings and events at locations in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. View Great Photos DC Digital portfolio and take a journey into our world of photography!

Linkedin   Stephen B. is a photographer based out of the Washington D.C. area who has experience in artistic/editorial portraiture as well as commercial and artistic photography. He has personal and professional experience with clients as both a model and photographer.  
From lighting composition to body posture to digital retouching, he has both the skill and the passion to craft beautiful and professional images.  

Business Parties $175/hr

Corporate Events
Weddings and Life Landmarks
$175.00/ for disc of edited images (100 edits)
+Additional fees for prints, online galleries and albums

Graduation Portraits
Family Portraits
Artistic Portraits
$30/edited image
+Additional fees for prints (varies depending on print types – consultation included)

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